Scientific and Technological Innovation Drives Industrial Development


Great R&D Ability

Eqiupped with modern R&D buildings, CNAS laboratories, Zhengxin - Zhejiang University of Technology high-end shock absorber oil joint laboratory, industry application testing base and white oil molecular-level R&D lab, we are the technology center of Huzhou City. We also owned top R&D equipment for the "high quality white oil and derivatives application solutions", and we will study the high-end production and application based on the existing white oil application in order to meet the special needs of customers.



Study on the Molecular Level

Molecular-level Study for better Molecular-level Control

We will be conducting in-depth researches with the help of professional R&D equipment to study and analyze the internal composition of oil products on the molecular level, and to explore the relationship with the oil property.

Our R&D will strongly support the individual needs of downstream industries. We will go far beyond the traditionally extensive petrochemical cognition system and practically make the product development and control on the molecular level possible.


A Senior R&D Quality Inspection Team

We have built an expert, experienced, learned and refined inspection team  accounting for 28% of the company's total employees, of which more than 55% are senior engineers and masters or above. The team has been concentrating on the development of white oil and its derivatives and carrying out the white oil upstream and downstream researches on the molecular level.

Communication and Cooperation

Industy-University-Research Collaboration

A Strong Alliance for Better Development

We have built up a strategic alliance with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other industries.

We also welcome universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprises home and abroad for technical communication and cooperation.

Science & Research

  • Intensive-Research on Key Products

  • Optimize Traditional Home Products

In the past few years, we have been devoted to research and responsive to the new trend of downstream users' individual needs in the fields of new energy, new materials, food, medicine and so on. We strived to adopt high-quality products to promote the domestic industry growth while be less dependent on the import goods. In this way, a new development pattern emerges in which the domestic big cycle is the main body while and the domestic and international double cycles (home and aroad) promote each other.


We have conducted intensive-research on key products and carried out over 10 provincial, municipal and internal scientific and technological projects in the past three years. So far, we have developed 5 new independent provincial products and established 2 manufacturing standards in Zhejiang province while brought out for 20 patents and papers at good market profits. We will keep going on the scientific research and innovation, making them the new driving force for the sustainable development of Zhengxin.